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Application detail.

Directions for On-line Application.
1. While processing on-line application your computer must be connected to a printer to enable you to print out an admission fee payment slip at the finishing process.
2. Applicants are suggested to carefully check the accuracy of the payment slip prior to making their admission fee payment at a listed co-operating bank.
3. On-line application will be considered complete only after the submitting of on-line application and the payments for the admission fee have been made.
Applicants must be qualified as per the requirement of each program. You could download the manual (at download manual) to see the programs requirement and you must complete the application form.

If the officer found that the applicants are not qualified as per the requirement or if there is any false information, your application will be invalid.

Applicants applying for one or more International Programs need to submit the following documents by hand or by post to the program you have applied for


For MIF Applicants:
Please follow the Application procedure below.
1. Complete the online application form through http://gradreg.tbs.tu.ac.th/2014/register1.aspx?Lang=EN. A nonrefundable application fee is required to be paid at a bank as listed on http://grad.tbs.tu.ac.th.

2. In addition, applicants must send all supporting documents to the MIF office, either by post or hand as follows:

Proof of Quantitative Tests and English Proficiency

  1. Proof of SMART-II or GMAT score (a copy SMART-II score is acceptable)
  2. Proof of TU-GET or IELTS or TOEFL score


  1. Applicant personal information     Download MIF Applicant Personal Information Form.pdf   (Please type in PDF form)
  2. Two letters of recommendation     Download Confidential Letter of Recommendation Form.pdf   (Please type in PDF form)
  3. One original and three copies of transcripts
  4. Four color photographs (1.5 inch)
  5. Four copies of National ID Card or Passport (for foreign applications)

Application Documents Submission Deadline: Friday February 2, 2018

3. Attend the MIF interview on Saturday February 10, 2018. Interview examination will be conducted by the MIF admission committee which will be announced through www.mif.tbs.tu.ac.th.


1. Bachelor’s degree in any field from an institution accredited by Thammasat University Council or its international equivalent.

2. Quantitative Test (Choose ONE only) 

  • SMART-II with a minimum score of 350 and more than 100 of each part. The scores must not be more than two years from the closing day of application.
  • GMAT scores, at least 80 percentile on the quantitative part. The scores must not be more than five years from the closing day of application. 

3. English Proficiency Test (Choose ONE only) All English proficiency scores must not be more than two years from the closing day of application. 

  • TOEFL with a minimum score of 79 for internet-based test or 550 for paper-based test or 213 for computer-based test
  • IELTS The British Council with a minimum score is 6.5
  • TU-GET (Thammasat University Graduate English Test) with a minimum score is 550. 

If candidates’ TU-GET score less than 550 but not under 500, admission pass by condition. Student must be score 550 or above within first academic year otherwise student termination.


For MIM Applicants:

The MIM application forms are available online through the website http://gradreg.tbs.tu.ac.th only. 
Any candidate who wishes to apply for the MIM program must follow the steps below:

  1. Key-in the information needed in the MIM application form through the website http://gradreg.tbs.tu.ac.th
  2. Submit the complete application form
    (online submission only)
  3. Send all the required documents to the MIM Office
    by post or by hand. (Click here for MIM mailing address)

MIM candidates must pass one of the three admission criteria shown below:

       Pass Thammasat Business School’s International Graduate Program Admission Test, OR

       Submit SMART-II score at no less than 350, and the score of each part must be more than 100. The SMART-II score must not be older than two years at the end of the application submission period, OR

       Submit GMAT score which is not older than five years at the end of the application submission period.

Together with any of the three categories above, MIM candidates must submit an english proficiency score which can be in any form out of these three categories below:

       TOEFL score (Computer-based test at minimum 213; Internet-based test at minimum 79), OR

       IELTS score at minimum 6.5, OR

       TU-GET score at 550 (if candidate’s TU-GET scores is under 550, they may be selected to study in the MIM program with the condition that they increase their scores to a minimum 550 within the first academic year).

* English proficiency scores must not be older than two years at the end of the application submission period.

** For more information of the TU-GET, please contact the Language Institute of Thammasat University at tel. 02-223-3758-9.


Documents Needed

After submitting the application form via the website http://gradreg.tbs.tu.ac.th, candidates need to send the following documents to the MIM program, either by post or by hand:

1.*  Undergraduate Record
Candidates must provide final transcripts of record verifying that they have received an undergraduate degree from a certified institution. Submission in photocopy form must be signed and certified. Four copies are needed by January 21, 2018 at the latest.

  1. Citizen Identification Card (for Thais) or Passport (for foreigners)
    Four copies, signed and certified and must reach the program by January 21, 2018 at the latest.
  2. Photographs
    Four 4 cm. x 5 cm. photographs are required for student records and filing. Photographs must not be older than 6 months and must reach the program by January 21, 2018 at the latest.

4.*  Proof of English Proficiency - one original copy and four photocopies are needed by January 21, 2018 at the latest.

5.*  Proof of Quantitative Score for GMAT only - one original copy and four photocopies are needed by January 21, 2018 at the latest..

6.   Required Essay
The essay helps MIM learn more about you and it is a good start for us to get to know you better. Our MIM essay questions give you the opportunity to provide insight into your experiences, goals, and thought process. Questions can be downloaded via http://mim.tbs.tu.ac.th/download/MIM_Required_Essay.pdf and your essay must reach the program by January 21, 2018 at the latest.

 *Original copies can be returned to candidates after February 8, 2018.

 For more details of the MIM Program please visit www.mim.tbs.tu.ac.th, or call: 02-222-1331, 02-223-9983, 089-003-0939, E-mail: mim_admissions@tbs.tu.ac.th


 Admission Fee Payment

    The Office of Graduate Studies of the Thammasat Business School offers an on-line application for the admission fee with THB800 for an International Program fee (required as shown in the admission fee payment slip), according to regulation of each program.

    After completing the on-line application, the payment slip must be printed out and payment must be paid to any bank listed below (additional bank service charge is required).
    1. Bangkok Bank (Public Company Limited) 
    2. Krung Thai Bank (Public Company Limited)
    3. Kasikorn Bank (Public Company Limited)
    4. Thai Military Bank (Public Company Limited)
Payment after the given deadline or payment by other means are considered invalid. Refund and transfer to other person or examination session are not possible.

* The Office of Graduate Studies reserves the right not to refund any admission fee to applicants in any cases.

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